Ben Vallack Video Production
Ben Vallack Filmmaking

Filmmaking and video production in Exeter, Bristol & Bath

South-west filmmaker Ben Vallack has worked with TVCT on a number of projects over the past few years and has the necessary balance of enthusiasm, experience and technical know-how to bring a video production together. He is very professional and reliable, combining these qualities with a humane and sensitive approach to the people with whom he works.

Ben has recently moved away from Exeter and is now based near Bath. As such he is poised to offer filmmaking and video production services to most of the south-west, including Exeter, Bristol and Bath.

Ben is a fully kitted out filmmaker and has an array of camera support equipment to achieve high-end cinematic production values. This includes several crane and tracking devices to allow fluid vertical and horizontal movement of the camera. Such camera movements add aesthetic values to a production as well as enhancing the emotional response to, and connection with, the actors. The camera Ben uses is his own Sony EX3. This has exceptional, high definition, image quality, as well as advanced slow-motion capabilities. Its form-factor allows it to be used in a variety of circumstances, from meticulously planned film shoots, to documentary and live recording.

Ben's well rounded skill-set and experience is essential for small-scale video production; having multiple crew members often puts a production out of budget. His ability to operate all his equipment - from camera, grip and lighting through to sound recording, as well as full post-production, DVD authoring and editing capabilities - means he has everything needed to create compelling video productions ready for distribution on the web or by DVD.

Having originally studied Media and Film at Tavistock College and subsequently spent many years experimenting and making films, Ben understands the filmic language as well as the subtleties and pace of modern storytelling through film. He is experienced in multiple genres of video production including promotional and training films, documentaries, music videos, narrative short films and live performance recording.

He has also recently ventured into wildlife filmmaking which combines his eye for the aesthetic with his passion for wildlife and the natural world. Ben recently completed a short wildlife film on behalf of the WWT London Wetland Centre to commemorate their 10th anniversary as a wetland nature reserve based on the Thames in the middle of London. During the six- day shoot in the London Wetland Centre he was fortunate enough to capture a very rare sequence showing great crested grebes performing their elaborate courtship ritual, as well as other rare and endangered species including water vole and lapwing. The film is currently being played on a dedicated screen in the upstairs gallery at the London Wetland Centre.

Ben is very approachable and is always happy to discuss filmmaking projects, whether they are creative or promotional. His filmmaking and video production website and portfolio can be found at where he can also be contacted.

Ben also runs a web design business and is perfectly poised to offer video production services for web video, very effective way of adding impact to websites and which is rapidly becoming the expected means of depicting products and services on websites.

TVCT has benefitted greatly from Ben’s skills, sophisticated equipment and enthusiasm. We thank him for the support and help he has given to our work and look forward to working with him on further projects.