40s’ Cabaret

Staged at Payhembury Parish Hall on the evening of October 20th 2006, the cabaret had a 1940s' theme. It was staged as an appetite whetter for the 2WW play Foresight to be staged in October 2007. People came suitably dressed for the period and there were dancing, music, food and a quiz appropriate to the 1940s. Singing rehearsals were led by Alan Boxer, an excellent community musician who became Musical Director for Foresight.

Throughout the evening, Vix Robinson popped up with useful tips for the wartime housewife – recipes, money, labour saving approaches to clothing the family, blacking out the windows and attaining ‘rationed goods’ when living in the countryside. Loiuse and Ray Granger gave a ballroom dancing display.

Highlight of the evening was the community singing by audience and participants of favourite wartime songs. Betty Johns brought a touch of authenticity to the evening by telling us about the evacuees who she billeted, accompanied by charming pictures of them and her.