‘[…] I must write to say how much I enjoyed your production. The play itself was both interesting and moving the performances were truly outstanding, the producer, stage manager and support stall are all to be congratulated. For what was, after all, only a minor episode of WW2, your company produced a moving and compassionate study in reconciliation. As I am Danish, and Denmark was occupied for 5 years by the Germans, the reconciliation you showed had a very special impression on me.’
(Audience member)

‘A great way to meet new people, make new friends and foster community spirit. Enjoyed every minute! But considering the number of folk who live in these parts, it's a shame we're not able to prise more people out beyond their front doors. And now the dust is starting to settle, we shall see whether new friendships sustain; let's hope the impact of Foresight is longer lasting than some anticipate.’
(Participant singer)

‘A wonderful way of bringing people together and at the same time learning about and understanding our local history. Also a good opportunity to think behind the usual us and them stereotype of the World Wars.’
(Participant stage staff)

Very much enjoyed the performance on Thursday night. I found it very moving that a group of people can pull off such a show. The central stage was great and the cast moving all around us gave the feeling we were part of the play. […] The lit pathway down the field was wonderful and the plane too. Loved the farmers story at the end. I had quite liked to give a tremendous applause as every body deserved that, but it just did not feel right to make a lot of noise just at that moment. Looking forward to the next event and have some interested people that might like to take part.
(Audience member)

‘Excellent. Very empowering. Enormously satisfying and rather humbling to be part of a play that attracted sell-out audiences. It is always amazing to realise how much diverse talent / skill and experience there is in such small ‘rural’ communities.’
(Participant actor)

From the very start of the play, I was absorbed. The atmosphere created, the behaviour, the incidents that were portrayed, were completely accurate. The music, the songs that were sung (which I joined in – I could still remember all the words!) brought back so many memories. Even the seating (though we were encouraged to stand and move around with the action of the play) seemed right – without modern day comforts!’
(Audience member)

‘At the time I thought it was good but looking back now I am even more convinced when I think about how many more people I know from the area, how we came together, worked together, shared together and enjoyed the whole experience together - and no tantrums!’
(Participant technician)

‘Fantastic, well done, thank you.  A great achievement for you and Rose and other key contributors. Production – very well staged, an excellent production with very limited resources, very professional.  Great use of the space/scaffolding/multiple stages/big screens.  Fantastic use of talent that I never knew existed in the village.  Thought the use of local site, going down the field, listening to Derek, the flypast was great.  And all the vintage vehicles, memorabilia etc added a great deal (although my family didn’t give me a chance to take all that in).  Really think you’ve put together a fantastic, multi-dimensional event – shame it was only for 3 days and that probably it was just a mostly local audience – deserves to be at least Devon-wide and worthy of nationwide.’
(Audience member)

‘[The best part was] watching the parts develop into a finished product. The progress from the Friday rehearsal of the last weekend to the first performance was amazing! From a personal point of view, having the opportunity to play again.’
(Participant musician)

‘It was a fascinating story and kept my interest throughout and i particularly enjoyed the walk out to the field for the fly over which was very atmospheric. I felt very proud to be part of such a talented and active community and hope that one day i may be able to take part in theatre of this type. Well done to all concerned who i know worked so hard to produce.
(Audience member)

‘One of the best yet! It brought people from various communities together, well done and thank you. I loved the workshops with Alan he is a true inspiration. Then bringing the various areas together was amazing; at first all the different bits seemed so isolated, but then gelled together like a jigsaw.’
(Participant singer)

Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved in Foresight. I thought it was an amazingly powerful and emotional experience made all the more poignant by taking place at Tuck Mill and by seeing the aeroplane fly overhead. I have spent much of the day thinking about it all and really wanted to thank you, Rose and everybody for making it happen.
(Audience member)

‘… the experience began when they arrived by car and queued for the old coaches. I thought originally that this was an unnecessary piece of extra risk and organisation, but I changed my mind when I heard the reactions of people of all ages seeing the magnificent old vehicles. The little coach journey was a transitional device to time travel to the 1940s.’
(Participant car park atendant)

‘Sometimes we didn't know which way to look, especially when something exciting was happening on the screen as well as elsewhere. However, this is inevitable in a production of Foresight's nature.’
(Audience member)

‘I was ten when the war broke out, so it occupied some very impressionable years for me, and I remember it very clearly.’